A private equity and advisory firm whose focus is creating value through capital infusion and hands-on advisory services.


This value is created by pairing projects with the appropriate Warburg investor and/or advisory service.


Warburg Equities has experience in financing and advising on projects:
– International and Domestic
– Private and Governmental
– Real Estate
– Buying and selling of natural resources
– Manufacturing


Warburg Equities is a Private Equity Firm whose focus is to create value. Said value is created by combining infusions of capital with business consultants tailored made to your needs.

Our management team is made up of advisors who have over 80 years of collective experience in the following disciplines:

– Private equity
– Mergers and acquisitions
– Conventional and non-conventional financing
– Mortgage backed securities
– Risk management
– Commercial and residential real estate acquisitions
– Valuation, purchase and sale of distressed assets

Warburg Equities utilizes its advisors 80 years of experience to quickly evaluate investment opportunities, along with the management oversight that will be needed for the successful completion of the project.

Service and Contact


Hamburg, Germany.


Chicagoland, Illinois.


New York, NYC.


Warburg Equities is a boutique equity investment firm. We are committed to:
– Outstanding client services
– Superior investment performance and
– Value added advisory services

We have built a team of investment specialists who each bring unique and diverse experience to the Warburg team. The skills and depth of talent that every individual brings to the office each day, play a key role in our ability to optimally serve our clients.

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Real Estate

Warburg specializes in the acquisition and management of distressed real estate assets. This includes but is not limited to; residential and commercial REO properties both domestically and internationally. By bringing our business experience and capital to the process we will;
– Help Facilitate negotiations
– Execute the sale
– Create multiple exit strategies tailored to client

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Corporate Restructuring

Warburg concentrates on acquiring significant ownership stakes in entities that it believes are undervalued. Such companies may be temporarily mispriced due to;
– Poor Market Conditions
– Poor Business Performance
– Changes in Management

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Investment Strategy

Warburg’s primary investment focus is the value of the underlying asset of each investment we include in our portfolios. We conduct exhaustive market research and an in-depth analysis of a company’s financial viability.

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About Us

Warburg is a private equity and advisory company with a reputation built on experience, creativity and entrepreneurial drive. By capitalizing on its strengths, Warburg has grown and continues to diversify both geographically and in the scope of its holdings and services. Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany; Warburg’s highly skilled professionals and consultants direct Warburg’s investments

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Real Estate Overview

Our team has acquired and managed a multitude of investments in select markets both domestically and internationally. This is a testament to the diversity of Warburg’s vision. Our portfolio includes but is not limited to;

  • Commercially and residential properties
  • Vacant land
  • Manufacturing
  • Business acquisition
  • Business strategy and restructuring

Corporate Repositioning

Our executive team has a market driven investment approach and a reputation for unearthing unique opportunities resulting in the creation of value in all facets of the risk-reward spectrum.

Warburg’s due diligence programs are amongst the most thorough in the industry. We are results oriented and use a hands-on approach that allows us to generate above average returns. Warburg’s attention to detail allows us to cut cost and increase efficiency of our partners.